Fishing in the Arcachon Bay

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  • Departure from Arcachon, the tail of the whale

    "Here we are, leaving for the School for Apprentice sailors for the 6-12 years old. While sailing to the heart of the Bay, your captain will tackle all the themes, linked to the maritime life of the Arcachon Bay."

  • The Cap Ferret lighthouse

    "If the Arcachon Bay had been told to me… between oyster-farming and the Bay, the story is long. The Arcachon Bay is the greatest naisseur oyster-farming European center. For 2h, travel across the oyster beds."

  • The students fill their log books in

    "Welcome on board! UBA is a unique flotilla on the Bay, at your disposal throughout the year. UBA is registered in the category of the travel and stay operators and benefits from a special insurance for passengers."

  • Students on board

    "In the morning or in the afternoon, to complete your boat trip, choose among the workshops and the activities depending on your projects, your obligations and your waitings."

Pêche Bassin~3h, pêche traditionnelle~2h
Arcachon ou Cap Ferret (Other points of departure with extra)
Available all year except from the 10 of July to the 24 of August


Our goal :
An educative approach: discover a rich marine and diversified environment, a unique space: a small inland see, open on the ocean.
A sensitive approach: have your students discover the beauty; wealth and the fragility of our natural environment and raise awareness among them about the future of out maritime heritage.
A convivial approach: come discover an astonishing nature and share a trip, put under the sign of relaxation and good mood.

FISHING IN THE BAY - from 8 years old
Your captain will welcome you at Arcachon and will present to you the boats and the safety directive. While sailing, the apprentice fishermen will be initiate to the very simple fishing techniques: familiarization with the material, how to hold the fishing rod, unhook fishes… Once arrived in fishing areas, the little fishermen will be able to put all the captain's advice into practice. Securely supervised on board of our boat, the kids will love this game of convivial fishing. Supplies material: 1 fishing rod for 3 kids + lures.

Discovery of a secular activity, on board of our boats, you get closer to the Bird Island then you come alongside a fishing punt. The two boats will be side to side to allow the kids to see an episode of fishing where the activity will be commented y the fisherman.
This program is offered depending on the tidal coefficient.

Suggestion of trip

For every tour, we have selected our partners's best services...

A HALT ON THE LEGE-CAP FERRET PENINSULA : visits, workshops, meetings... o enrich your discovery of the Bay by boat, we offer you several made-to-measure programs: a getaway to discover a preserved and surprising universe.
The natural reserve of Ares to discover, through 3 programs :
Duration - 1h30 - Entrance on the pier of Bélisaire - 30mn by bus
3/6 years old - The forest with closed eyes: sensory discovery of the forest thanks to small games, place to awaken the senses and the imagination.
7/11 years old - Natural treasure hunt: a treasure hunt in the middle of the Natural Reserve of the Près Salés… Pay close attention to leave with many treasures.
6/12 years old - Inspector Lafouine: through a full-scale police investigation, discover the wealths and secrets of the fauna and the flora of the Natural Reserve of the Près Salés.
The Piraillan tanks - 6/11 years old - Duration - 2h - Entrance on the Bélisaire pier: - 15mn by bus
Accompanied by a naturalist guide, you explore a protected area of 39ha, including 6ha of fish tanks and 21ha of pine forest and wooden dunes.
Fishing by foot on the Bay - 6/11 years old - Duration - 2 hours Entrance on the pier of Bélisaire: 10 mn by bus - Meet on the parking, the Herbe beach. Schedules according to tide.
Discover a natural environment while fishing by foot at the Herbe. Thanks to a net used to pick up crabs, shrimps, sea needles…Long trousers and boots are compulsory!
The lighthouse and the peninsula - Duration - 40mn - Entrance on the Bélisaire pier - 30mn by foot
High of 53 meters (258 footsteps), you enjoy a 360° panorama of the Ocean, the Peninsula and the Arcachon Bay.
Inside, TRAVELLING horizons: 6 spaces of interactive exposition on the evolution of sailing cartography, on the the sailing tools… A movie where the lighthouse changes during the graphic and sonorous constructions game, in a 3D animation.
The Cap Ferret small train - Duration - 15mn – Entrance on Bélisaire pier - 3mn by foot
Organise a picnic on the oceanic beaches, taking the small train from the pier of Bélisaire to the horizon beach. The little ones love it !
Oyster-farming: The Discovery and Pedagogic Farm of the Piraillan village - Entrance on the pier of Bélisaire - 20mn by bus
The aim of this "Small Observatory of the Sea", located in the sailors' village of Piraillan, is to do some pedagogy on the different themes about the oyster and its environment. Several formulas are offered by theme and by age group.
Kindergarten option - Duration - 1h - The discovery of the oyster according to the 5 senses
Primary School Option 1 Small, Middle, Big ones - Duration - 2h - Setting and way of living of the oyster farmers
Primary School Option 2 Big ones - Duration - 2h - The oyster in its environment

A STOP IN ARCACHON AND ITS SURROUNDINGS : games, tours, activities
In addition to your boat trip, we offer you a large choice of activities which will allow you to relax, play and go discover a unique natural and human environment.
The thousand faces of the winter town - Duration - 2h - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 15 mn by foot
Go back in time and play in teams through riddles.
Trip from port to port - Duration - 2h - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 5mn by foot
Discovery of the architectural and marine heritage of the port and of the Arcachon seaside with a professional guide. Creation of a postcard from the gleaned materials on the way.
The auction house - Duration from 6h30 to 8h45 - Entrance on the Arcachon piers - 5mn by foot
Participate to an auction sale and get accustomed to the different fish species of the Bay. Share this singular atmosphere and all the passion of this job.
The Teich ornithological reserve - Entrance on the Arcachon piers - 30 mn by bus
A guided discovery of the parc and its many migratory or settled bird species. A path was specially created for the kids.
Guided visit of the Abatilles spring - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 10mn by bus
Since 1925, the St Anne spring of the Abatilles s recognized by the medical body for its exceptional features and benefits on health. Come visit the unique and privileged site of the spring. Every Thursday from 10am to 12pm.
The aquarium of Arcachon - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon – 3mn by foot
Visit the aquarium museum of Arcachon and observe the wealth of our seabed: octopuses, congers, rays, seahorses, sea-stars...
The amusement park of Gujan-Mestras - From 5 years old – Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 20mn by bus
Aventures Bay: climbing park in the trees: 2h30 of activity on 6 paths.
Max Golf Original: a discovery of the heritage of the Bay, while playing on a giant mini-golf.
Oyster-farming :
The Cabin 166 on the Port of La Teste de Buch - Duration - 1h – Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 15mn by bus
Accompanied by Geli, your guide, oyster producer and owner of the place, go discover the pearl of the Bay.
The Oyster House of Gujan-Mestras - 2 levels: 2nd/3rd grade and 4th and 5th grade - Duration - 1h (video+guided visit) Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 25mn by bus
A "sounds and images" visit in this museum of the Arcachon Bay, fully dedicated to oyster farming. On demand, "discovery" booklets are made available in the classes which wish to.
The guided visit of the Port of Larros - Duration -1h15 - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 25mn by bus
The port of Laros is a unique site, both a center of an important industrial activity and witness of a perpetuated maritime tradition. With your guide, go discover this universe: the history of the site, oyster-farming huts and naval construction site...

Secrets and riddles of the past - From 6 years old - Duration - 1h30 – Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 40 min by bus - Meet at the oyster-farming port of Taussat.
A museum? No, a treasure hut! Hundreds of tools are gathered there and if they could, they would talk! Accompanied by an organizer and thanks to pictures, kids will be able to notice,guess, imagine the names of the tools and their use. Christian will then unveil their real names, the history and the use of the tools, with some funny terms sometimes. Kids will also be able to try to walk on stilts.
The foreshore and fishing by foot on the beach from Cassy to Lanton - From 4 years old - Duration - 1h30 - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 40 min by bus. When the water is retreating, it leaves the place to the foreshore, which unveils its treasures! Mickaël, professional fishing guide, offers you a trip by foot in the channels at low tide. Schedules according to the tides.
Discovery of the crab fishery in the port of Audenge - From 6 years old - Duration - 1h30 - Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 35min by bus.
At high tide, you will learn to recognize the different species, their habits, and the techniques used to fish them. Simple and fun!
Captain Malprat's secret - From the first grade to middle school - Duration - about 3h - Meet at the port of Biganos
The Island of Maprat, mysterious and secret, is not far. It is said that one day Captain Malprat had brought back on board of its caravel a fabulous treasure that he would have hidden not far from the island in the port of Biganos! The teams will have to retrieve clues that the Captain has hidden. Thanks to their answers, the kids will be able to locate the treasure. But look out! It is not as simple as it looks! You will also have to successfully finish a series of ordeals to find the code to open the chest! Some of the proposed ordeals: scents game, the beam, giant spiderweb...
This Adventurous and fun activity, is to be done in teams of 6 to 8 kids. (1 guide per team)
The price includes: the management, the activity and the material. The price does not include: the presents given to the winning team or to all of the players.

THE PROGRAMS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE ASSOCIATIONS : observe, compare, identify, touch, smell...

2 programs created and supervised by cultural mediators of the association Earth and Ocean. They allow the teachers to choose between the proposed themes, those they will talk about on the field on the day of the trip, on one or/and the other of the 2 sites.
The Great Pyla Dune -From 6 years old - Duration - 2h – Entrance on the piers of Arcachon - 15 mn by bus
Accompanied by a guide, climb the Great sand dune to reach the top. A reading of the landscape will allow you to discover this unforgettable panorama! A discovery of its fossilized grounds for apprentice archeologists will allow you to understand the formation of the dune, fun and pedagogic workshops on the sand will put into evidence the origin of the sand and the actual problems of erosion on our coasts. The winds, the currents and the tides will also be approached
Environment and experiences- From 6 years old - Duration - 2H Meet in front of the Arcachon aquarium
Reading of the landscape and test on the pier, then scientific workshops in laboratories with observation of plancton and workshops on the quality of water. For this program, 2 mediators Earth and Ocean per class.
For the schools of Gironde, possibility of financing in the context of pedagogic projects.

2 programs created in partnership with *Aroeven*, the kids discover different environments thanks to histories and workshops alternating between groups and the full class. The environment Aroeven guide will offer you the necessary tools to make the exchange, the cooperation concrete discoveries easier...
Explore the beach and its secrets - Duration - 1h30 - Place: Hume Beach, Gujan-Mestras or Arcachon
Kindergarten : The feet in the water at low tide or The beach at the fingertips.
Old shoes, hands in the mud, look for crabs, worms and shells or discover what the sand is, its consistence, its colors and its properties through workshops and small games. A time to touch, manipulate, pick up, compare, sort out, observe...
Primary schools : Treasures, hidden at low tide - Duration ~2h
On the beach, at low tide, a multitude of life clues reveal the presence of an unexpected fauna and a flora. Go for a walk, feet in the water, and respectfully collect the animals of the foreshore.
Investigate... Primary schools
At the Arcachon port ! - Duration - 1h30 - supplied with inquiry forms, discover an economic activity: fishing. Talk about the life and the role of a fishing port, the material, the main harbor installations, the boats and the main features: trawler man or gillnetter? What are their fishing techniques?
The thousands features of the coastline ! - Duration ~2h - On the path of the coastline, supplied with inquiry formes and small binoculars, come observe the birds, landscapes and the traces of human activity and the biological variety of the Arcachon Bay.




Tarifs Pêche dans le Bassin avec "Footloose"

Classe max.
30 personnes
16.0 €
357 €

Tarifs Séance de pêche au filet avec Christophe

Classe max.
30 personnes
327 €

Tarifs Pêche dans le Bassin avec "Footloose"

16.0 €
Classe rep max.
30 personnes
357 €

Tarifs Séance de pêche au filet avec Christophe

Classe rep max.
30 personnes
327 €


Options possibles

Options possibles  
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Toutes les prestations hors UBA, sont proposées en option pour compléter votre excursion en bateau.  
Demandez-nous un devis en fonction de la capacité du navire
et des options que vous avez choisies.


Fishing in the Bay : tour offered throughout the year except in July and August.
This program is offered only at low tide, with a tidal coefficient of more than 60.
Maximum 35 people (kids + guides).

Supplied material : 1 fishing rod for 3 kids + lures.
Traditional fishing : tour offered throughout the year except in July and August.
This program is offered depending on the tidal coefficient.
Maximum 35 people.

The optional prices are calculated on a basis of 30 students and 5 guides (outside of the capacity of some service providers, contact us).
The programs may be inverted according to the availability.
To make the process to the regional educational authorities easier, you will receive a demand after reservation, a complete file including the sailing permit, a copy of the insurance certificate, the rules concerning the life jackets and the maritime professional brevet.
The UBA security: UBA is matriculated in the register of travels and sojourns operators under the following number: IMO33120029 and benefits from a special passenger insurance. Accepted by the Equipment, Transport and Tourism Ministry, our boats are qualified as insubmersible, they are equipped with life jackets and merchant navy floating engines. Communication systems: VHF, CB, mobile phones. Navigation Systems: radars, sounders and GPS.
In case of bad weather and outside special weather forecast, the service will be insured by the sheltered parts of the boat(s).

UBA is keeping the right to modify the excursions, hours and prices, without notice (see our general terms and conditions).


"We chose the programme «Apprentice sailor School + lighthouse visit» for our two 3rd grade classes. The preparation of a school trip is always a little complicated to prepare: a great number, many documents to present (shipping permit, insurance), I received all the documents very quickly… The kids were happy to go back with their little logbook, souvenir of this beautiful day on the Bay. Thank you, once again, for your help and advices."

Sailor for a day...