Dune du Pilat <-> Banc d'Arguin

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Vendredi 26 Avril 2019

Dune du Pilat -> Banc d'Arguin
Vacances scolaires d'été.


The real holidays, it's here on the Arcachon Bay: the beauty of the landscapes, the diversity of the places, the calm waters of the Bay, favorable to long boat trips or the Atlantic coast with its thin sand stretch for the thrill seekers, the wonderful walks or ride to allow you to discover this unique natural space.

Navette Dune du Pilat Banc d'Arguin:

The Dune of Pilat, also called Grande Dune du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe.
In front of it, the Banc d'Arguin classed « protected nature reserve », vast sandbank which draw a spectacular landscape between bay and ocean. This place is very well-liked for bathing and relaxation afternoons.

To preserve the places, be careful :
The Banc of Arguin is a high place of nesting of a lot of birds species.
The garbages impair this exceptional places.



Dune du Pilat <-> Banc d'Arguin

Pas de départ pour la date souhaitée, retrouvez nos prochains départs:


It is advised to come as earlier as possible.
Return trip tickets only valid for a trip back during the day.
Ticket only valid during the buying day.

Sensitive area subject to the rules of the nature reserve.
WATCH OUT! : the landing at the Dune is done near the South of the Dune access path between the Pyla campground and the Campground view (at half an hour by foot of the highest point of the Dune by car park access).
The boat « beach » for a landing by ladder directly on the sand.
Boarding and landing impossible for disabled persons.
The transportation of bikes is impossible.
On account of tides, sandbank, weather conditions, and considering that the proper Dune layout some departures and returns can be modified or cancelled.
UBA is keeping the right to modify the excursions, hours and prices, without notice (see our general terms and conditions.)


"This Summer, we stayed at Arcachon for the first time and we were meeting some friends for the night, opposite to the Cap Ferret. We were pleasantly surprised because there is a night service shuttles which allowed us to meet our friends during the day and to get back easily after dinner. It is a very appreciable and uncommon means of transport for us, coming from the Center of France."

Night service