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During the whole year, UBA proposes its excursions, under on obvious condition: that the weather allows it. Consult the page "Excursions" and the "Price" tab to know if your planned day is available.
All the informations you need to prepare your excursions are to be found on the "Excursions" page. Use the contact form of our website, or call us at 05 57 72 28 28, to book your excursion.
When you contact us through the website,you will be answered within 24 hours. For a phone call, you will get your answer during opening hours. Once the formalities are done your reservation is immediately taken into account.
During the nine months of pregnancy, there is no particular reason to give up on a trip, unless your doctor told you otherwise. It would be better to choose a sailing boat and beware of the sun! It might provoke the appearance of a pregnancy mask on your face.
Unlike freshwater fishery, the French regulations allow recreational sea fishing, including recreational and sports fishing. However, you have to observe the allowed sizes and the quantities because the fishes, the shellfishes and the crustaceans are fragile ressources which are essential to the marine ecosystem.
A shelter is a place where a boat can either come alongside, either anchor safely.
A black and red rod indicates the presence of an isolated rock.
It is either a buoy either a black and yellow rod which circles a danger. There are 4 cardinals: North/ South/ East/ West. A North cardinal marker is placed North of the danger... and so on.