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  • For the excusions, all the departures are assured from a minimum of 10 persons.
  • Blue card payment can be done at Thiers jetty, Eyrac jetty and Du Moulleau jetty at Arcachon and Bélisaire jetty at Cap Ferret.
  • The passengers with a ticket have to present themselves to our counters 15 minutes minimum before the departure.
  • This website does not constitute a contractual document. The informations are given in a indicative title. The programs and prices can be modified.
  • For security reasons, UBA is reserving the right to modify any prestation (itinerary changements, and so forth) or to cancel some of them in case of force majeure (bad weather conditions damage, exceptionnel crowd of passengers, and so on) and in the event of the minimum of 10 participants would not be reached. The costumer will have a restitution of the sum of money given, except all other compensation or damages and interests.
  • In case of cancelation from the costumer, less than 7 days before the date of the prestation or in case of absence at the departure of the excursion which one a reservation has been made, 100% of the perceived amount will be retained.
  • UBA decline any responsibility for the damages of any natures likely to reach effects, objects or materials brought on board of one of their boat.
  • Any complaint related to a prestation will have to be told to UBA 76 Bd de la Plage 33120 Arcachon by a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt in the order of eight days according the aforesaid prestation.
  • UBA is trying to welcome disabled persons yet in some conditions the access on board won’t be possible(harbour installations not accessible for a safe boarding or a landing, the measures of the ship or it’s doors access giving the boarding physically impossible electric wheelchair, a lot of mechanic wheelchairs ...) We advise you to take contact with our offices 72h before to define the feasibility of the boarding.


The prices conditions “Group“ is applied for every groups from a minimum of 25 persons who have done a reservation to our services. The application of reservation have to point out the effectif and the characteristics of the group, the day, hour and the nature of the prestation. The reservation is becoming firm at the reception of the purchase order (or administrative certified order) duly signed by the costumer and accompanied by — if it is mentionned— a deposit of 30% of the sum of the prestation and so, before the end of option date.

The option are kept until the deadline indicate by the Boatmen. In case of no confirmation not accompanied where necessary of a deposite of 30%, the options are canceled.

The prestations’ prices include all taxes, and match prices in effect at the signature’s date of the purchase. The prices can be modified.

The balance can be paid on the visit day, when the group arrived, except if there is a written agreement by the commercial department. A payment at at the reception of the bill would not intervene, and in any case only at an exceptional title, only of it had been agreed on the purchase order.
In this second case, it will be in addition to the sum of the service 5€ cost of invoicing. If some services not foretold are added during the service, they should be paid that day.

The costumer is committing to appear on dates and hour specified on the purchase order. In case of impossibility, he is committing to advise the Boatmen. Otherwise, the Boatmen can be led to modify the proceeding and duration of the service after the costumer had been previously told as soon as he arrived.

Modification because of the costumer. The applications of records’ modification confirmed have to be done in writing (letter or fax). Only the modifications done by the Boatmen are known to be accepted by return. Every modification total or partial of a record have to be notify 48 hours before service’s date for the boat part, and 7 days before for external services. Otherwise, the initial sum will be invoiced. For every composed produces as days or sojourn making intervene one or some parters, he will be applied at the second modification of the application fee of 15€.
Cancelation because of the costumer.
Each cancellation total or partial of a confirmed record have to be notify to the Boatmen in writing (registered letter) :
48 hours before service’s date for the boat part and 14 days before for external services.
Regarding boat part : above 3 boats, the cancelation period is of 14 days.
Regarding external services. The sum deduction are the following ones :
Between 14 days and until 8 days before the date of the service : 50% of the service’s sum without UBA plus 15€ charge of file. Between 7 days until 2 days before the service’s date : 100% of the service’s sum not including UBA plus 15€ charge of file.
Less than 2 days before the service’s date or in case of absence : 100% of the whole price.
Modification because of the Boatmen.
For security reasons, the Boatmen can modify every service (change of itinerary, program’s adjustment, and so on.) in case of force majeure as unfavorable weather, technical problems, and so forth.
Cancelation of the Boatmen
The Boatmen keep the right to cancel any reservation if there is some cases of force majeure such as, without the list to be complete : fire, water damages, storm, access impossibility...
The costumer will be able to obtain a restitution of their deposit of any other compensation or damages and interests.
The boatman keeps the right to land any people being aggressive or in state of inebriation.

Any complaint relate to a service have to be addressed to the Boatmen by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the latest, 8 days after the aforesaid service. In case of dispute on the apply of sale conditions and for lack of amicable payment Bordeaux ’s courts will be the only competent tribunal.

No responsibility will be accepted by U.B.A for potential damages caused because of the costumer during his sojourn. The potential damages will be totally billed by the concerned service providers. The policyholder is invited to subscribe an insurance contract as Holiday for its different risks.
Besides, the Boatmen decline any responsibility for the damages of any natures, likely to reach the effects, objects or materials embarked on board of one of the boats.