Jeudi 5 Novembre 2015

When Andernos gradually becomes the end of the world...


Have you ever tried organizing your vacation, plan one or two small outings by boat from Andernos?

For those interested, roll up your sleeves, put you to relax and take a day whether to RTT. The boat ride here must be earned!

If you do not have the battery of adequate documentation or acute experience of multi-tree navigation on the Internet, you may discourage you very quickly!

This is to be expected in advance, carefully watching the TIDE directories, try to navigate in the dark maze of schedules plate uba maritime shuttles Andernos.

Also plan to start the day very early or very late finish. Or both. Or make your visits on the run in less than two hours and a half.

And if you had the misfortune to take your vacation week for the death of water is ruined. No boat ...

Why do you say ...?

Blame it on the tide!

And indeed, this year the Uba could offer only one shuttle Arcachon - Andernos day, and a single round of Bird Island, all at different times each day, depending on tides. And even ! only on days when the tidal coefficient was higher than 70.

Due to the low water depth, berthing at the pier we were totally impossible over half past one before or after the open sea (ie 6 hours or even 3 hours per day in most cases only!), And yet this just in times of water-bright (weight> 70).

However, things were very different NOT SO LONG AGO.

In 2009 we could still offer shuttle several times a day, scheduled two tours of the island in the day, morning and afternoon.

So what ? What HAS changed ? Why the hell did we get here?

Dredging, my good lady, dredging!

In 2001 and 2007 the public authorities had made every time a major dredging that allowed to make the pier and the channel entrance of Andernos much more accessible than it has been for two or three years. The few years after the dredging has been largely beneficial to all users of this channel, tourists and professionals as oyster farmers and fishermen are ultimately most concerned by this easy access.

But without regular maintenance Basin background is silting and silting. And Andernos primarily.

Gradually this city, yet on the coast of Central Basin is becoming increasingly remote, relegated to a kind of end of the growing world inaccessible by boat at least.

If Basin residents have always adapted their lifestyle and their travel to the tides, they also knew at any time help nature and maintain channels with the resources they had. (The rouillettes were maintained regularly before towing the bottom of the water a kind of plant across the channel, allowing to maintain a sufficient circulating water that naturally maintain the current Esteys and important channels).

In fact, if we want to maintain the maritime access to certain channels, it is necessary to intervene and dredge. But maybe they should try to set up a working regular dredging and minor rather than intervene at intervals too far apart in time, which ultimately makes the tedious and expensive work and above all raises the problem of a too massive evacuation in a single time moreover, then thus recovered vases.

Knowing he's not here in Andernos polluted harbor sludge, regular evacuation and in small quantities likely would not pose any major problems.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to be satisfied with this situation. And if the desilting is undoubtedly interesting for us in view of the expected activity, it will first be the interest of the inhabitants of Andernos and tourists. It is still more pleasant, especially in summer when the weather is the party and the roads around with saturated traffic jams Basin, to come strolling by boat between Arcachon and Andernos.

In addition, there are even ecological concerns or promotion, perhaps, a new way of life that should push us to develop navigation between different cities around the Basin. Our maritime shuttles are actually a transit. A boat of 49 passengers is necessarily less impact on the environmental degradation than the same number of people each divided by two, three or four in their car ...

It is in this spirit that the boat-bus runs in the town of Arcachon for three years now.

And people seem to adhere strongly to this type of alternative transportation that is the boat on the basin: this year, our recent line-Arcachon Canon has seen its attendance almost explode!

The irony brings us back to ancient times. When, before OF the arrival of the road to Cap Ferret in 1932, a lot of traveling around the basin was by boat. Everyone here has heard of the name of Cape Mail, or Oasis, the yacht Leon Lesca. At the time, almost all villages had their pier and cargo, mail and regular people travelled by boat between the towns Basin. The strong development of the car in the sixties has permanently changed these habits and the fact that men have abandoned gradually maintaining their channels who had lost their role as channels of communication.

But society changes a bit and we are more and more trying to get rid of this habit of "all car" (congestion around the Basin will help us fine!). In fact this summer in Andernos, when malignant (high tides), water levels have allowed us a few days to be able to ensure more regular rotations and set up tours of the bird island with a stop that allowed passengers to make a boat trip and spend half a day in Arcachon. Demand was very strong! Sometimes we send more than 10 boats to try to answer them! And unfortunately we had to refuse the world constantly all summer because of this access too limited to the pier.

Throughout the month of August of this year we could not only ensure that thirteen days the shuttle Arcachon - Cap Ferret and ride around the island to the birds. And we have not been able to bring boats to the pier of Andernos from July 31 to August 9!

Now our passengers tell us, people are discussing in: all very appreciative of those days when they leave by boat early in the morning, make the walk around the island, landing at Arcachon with their bikes to walk around the city or simply go spend their afternoon on the beach to come home with the sea shuttle.

It is this type of rotations that we could offer a nearly constant rate if a large dredging, but this time followed by a slight but regular maintenance of the channel was made.

The strongest is that it sometimes seems that we have bad press and people Basin background believe that we did not want to come and see them AT home. But beyond the obvious economic interest in talking to the boatmen used to come in Andernos, we see a real pleasure to come there. Often quiet, at times closer to the sunrises and sunsets, navigation is often very pleasant in a landscape of incredible colors. Passengers themselves Andernos seem imbued this easy living, relaxed atmosphere on board and the general view of the boatmen, the people we transport our boats on Andernos are "cool and nice! ".

In short, the reasons are legion to try to make things happen and try to make Andernos more accessible than the city is currently.

No final opinion on the technical details, it seems that just little to facilitate lightly and regularly digging, hydronic movements themselves would maintain the channel. The simple smooth movement of our ships during the summer has passed the water depth at the pier 1m25 to 1m50!

We are in discussion or attempt discussions with your representatives and hope to make strongly appointment in better conditions next year.