Mercredi 19 Août 2015

First passengers for Greenboat


EXPECTED since 2012 the Greenboat first eco-friendly RESPONSIBLE BOAT built by the shipyard gujanais Dubourdieu; carried its first passengers this Tuesday, 8/18 by performing liaison Arcachon / Cap Ferret.
The owner of the shipyard MARTIN Emmanuel was on board to ensure the smooth operation of the boat and also because the boat will belong to its owner within 15 days. This ABC company has already acquired the catamaran Silver Coast. LOUART Thibaud, President of the UBA says that the boatmen association charters already Greenboat which fills a gap in the high-end boats small capacity (Greenboat can accommodate 54 passengers). Because of its quality, this boat built in maritime pine will capture the affluent clientele of Bordeaux. The Greenboat is the result of a tender launched by the COBAS to make a clean ship, the contest will be won by the Dubourdieu yards on 03/12/2010. MARTIN Emmanuel says that everything has been planned for the Greenboat consumes as little as possible: it is equipped with a hybrid engine (electric and thermal) but its propulsion will be validated by the maritime authorities in September, provided it is very silent (65 db). Cyril Nieto, the current captain explains that the vessel has carried out a crossing at a speed of 8 knots consuming only 5.6 liters of fuel.
The Greenboat performs crossings and will be as originally proposed excursions.