Dimanche 26 Juillet 2015

Green life on the Bay


The Greenboat,CLEAN boat for the transport of passengers was inaugurated Saturday, July 25 at the small port of Arcachon in presence of his godfather Jean-Pierre Papin as well as engineers, architects and project partners.
It has been 5 years since the Senator-Mayor of Gujan Mestras and president of the COBAS, Marie-Hélène OF ESGAULX, waiting for this day.
The Greenboat, made in the initial order to respect the environment, has been designed with a parallel hybrid propulsion system: electric and thermal system that adapts perfectly to the water Basin says Ms. OF ESGAULX. Quiet, but also ecological and economical, Greenboat reduces the use of fuel. His aesthetic resumes the pure style of traditional pinasses, built in maritime pine, it is also very comfortable. The Greenboat gives a modern image that combines perfection and tradition and will accommodate 54 people on board and twenty bikes. It weighs 14 tons, is 18 m. long and 4.5 m. wide and received his certificate thermal navigation July 15, it was not until mid-September for the electrical permit and the passage of the Regional Security Commission.

In 2010 the COBAS calls for projects won by the shipyard that built the ship DUBOURDIEU for more than € 500,000 (project led by Emmanuel MARTIN), the COBAS PARTICIPATES up to € 160,000.
Mr. VIVIEN says it was not easy to put in place CityPass across the Basin and THE Goal is to sell 1,200 by September.
The O.T Basin counting on 300,000 visitors, the goal could be reached.
The CityPass will go on sale in Arcachon O.T soon AND before July 10 may be offered to other structures SUCH AS hotels for example.