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  • 100% nature, 360° de bonheur !

    A moins de 1h de Bordeaux, le Bassin d'Arcachon est un des plus beaux paysages de France où l'océan s'invite dans les terres. Mille et un trésors à découvrir en toutes saisons avec les bateliers de l'UBA.

  • 100% nature, 360° de bonheur !

    Notre service groupes offre un vaste choix de bateaux pour une capacité d'accueil de 1500 passagers. Des programmes sur mesure pour tous vos évènements : fêtes familiales ou amicales, séminaires, sortie scolaires...
    Nous vous accueillons toute l'année pour organiser votre venue.

  • 100% nature, 360° de bonheur !

    Optez pour le plaisir d'un apéritif ostréicole, d'un repas les pieds dans l'eau ou d'une balade à vélo le long de la pointe du Cap ferret...En complément de votre croisière, de nombreuses options pour enrichir votre découverte du Bassin !

  • 100% nature, 360° de bonheur !

    Embarquez à bord de nos bateaux pour un déjeuner, un dîner ou un apéritif, tout en admirant les paysages emblématiques du Bassin d'Arcachon : parcs à huîtres, Ile aux Oiseaux et ses cabanes tchanquées, villages ostréicoles du Cap Ferret...

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Embark and discover an unique nature with the boatmen !

ON BOAT THE BAY IS EVEN PRETTIER! The Arcachon Boatmen Union made in 1954 by sea professional fishers and oyster farmers who offered boat trips during the beautiful season in addition of their main activity.
Through the years this association evolved to become an unavoidable specialized structure in the maritime tourism.
Today UBA offer a multicolored flotilla of 33 boats from the traditional fishing vessel to the last catamaran built in 2014. The boatmen will be happy to welcome you to offer you the best guarantees of comfort and safety thanks to their perfect knowledge of the place. Only UBA gives you the possibility in season from seven different points all around the bay with a landing structure counters and personal help at boarding. Finally the boatmen will talk about their bay though their comments spiced with local stories.
BOARD and let yourself be led from the Delta of the Leyre to the doors of the ocean on this extraordinary water plan which is the ARCACHON BAY.

L'Union des Bateliers Arcachonnais

The UBA flotilla

Composed of boats of different forms, colors and capacities, the traditional fishing vessels of 25 to 30 seats, traditional wood launches from 35 to 44 seats, catamarans from 50 to 180 seats, launches from 45 to 50 seats. All of these boats are special adapted for an intra-bay sail. As member of the management comity of the brand new marine park UBA is particularly sensible to the respect of the environment, so eight boats have renewed their engine specification to the latest antipollution norms, the captains adopt an economic drive according to the tide and weather flows, without forgetting the use of reusable materials and of anti-dirt paints without heavy metal. Finally the flotilla will soon be enriched with the arrival of the famous green-boat, clean boat with hybrid propulsion on which you will be lucky enough to board on.

Boatmen trips

An unrivaled choice of crossings, trips and cruises! The TRANSBASSIN shuttles connection with Cap Ferret’s peninsula : in season from 9 a.m. to 12:30 a.m until 14 crossings two-way trips every day! You can benefit of this service ALL YEAR with bike transportation able. Four lines in season are made up in July-August from the Moulleau, Andernos, Canon and the Pyla Dune.
EXCURSIONS : from the unavoidable Trip around the Birds Island to the Big Trip around the Bay including the evening trips, it is more than ten excursions which are offered and which ones you will found the details on this website…Do not hesitate to consult us.

Sail in safety

UBA is an authorized establishment by prefectoral decree n°IM033120029, benefiting of a special « passengers » guarantee. All of the boats are holder of a sailing licence specific « passengers transportation » delivered by the maritime authorities. This licence is renewed every year after two safety visits (on land and on sea). The whole trips are done in fifth category of sailing in other words in sheltered harbor. At every boarding or landing you will be helped by the boatman and by the moor men. Knowing that the totality of our boats a part sheltered you will be able to continue your trip under cover in case of bad weather. However the captain keeps the right to modify or cancel some services in case of bad weather.

Discover UBA

Board ...

Board for THE TRIP AROUND THE BIRDS ISLAND to discover emblematic Tchanquee Huts, oyster beds ans so the series of small fishers villages of the Cap Ferret’s peninsula. An unique opportunity to reek of this particular atmosphere sailing as closely as possible to the most beautiful Arcachon Bay’s shores ...

Set the sails

Set the sails for the BIG TRIP! A complete trip bringing the most beautiful place of the Arcachon Bay together : Bird Island, Cap Ferret peninsula, the huge Pyla Dune, Banc d'Arguin, ocean beaches and Arcachon’s seafront. After a sailing in the inland waters quietness discover the big south where the Bay opens on the ocean ...

Gourmet trip

Treat yourself with a GOURMET TRIP at mid-day or in the evening at the time where the bay find quietness and serenity again. Taste flavors of the bay land side or sea side or why not an amazing platter of seafood with the sunset on the peninsula as background and lights of Arcachon’s seafront ...

Lunch / Dinner Cruise

Boat trip on the Bassin d'Arcachon with meals on board, duration 2H30 ...